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Henskes Noord

Formal name
Henskes Noord B.V.
CoC Number
Basic CSR Report
F43 - Specialized construction activities
Verification type
Moderate assurance by FIRA
Publication date
Oct 11, 2019

Assessment comment summary

Balance & Completeness:

Management approach has been formulated for all issues, except for sustainable procurement. We encourage Henskes Noord to complete the approach and to include clear objectives for all relevant CSR issues to monitor progress. Practices are focused on social return and traineeships, employment relationships, health and safety, human development, prevention of pollution, and emission carbon reduction. We encourage Henskes Noord to disclose practices on sustainable resource use (circular economy) and sustainable procurement.

Code of Conduct:

We encourage Henskes Noord to develop a company code of conduct.

Commitment to CSR:

A company specific CSR declaration is in place, including commitment to all CSR principles and progress on relevant issues.