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Formal name
Freia Holding B.V.
CoC Number
Basic CSR Report
P85 - Education
Verification type
Moderate assurance by FIRA
Publication date
Jan 16, 2018

The CSR impact of this company is assessed annually, based on the information provided to the CSR-Register. Below, please find a summary of the impact scores, including comments on the level of maturity and completeness of CSR management of this company. The full assessment can be found in the CSR Scorecard tab. The information on which the assessment is based can be found in the Report tab.

Assessment comment summary

Balance & Completeness:

Management approach has not been disclosed. We encourage Freia to formulate ambitions and clear objectives for all relevant CSR issues. Practices are limited to procurement of renewable energy and supporting cultural heritage. We encourage Freia to disclose how corporate responsibility is integrated in its consultancy services and educational programs. Furthermore, we encourage Freia to disclose practices on diversity, human development, sustainable procurement, and privacy protection of participants.

Code of Conduct:

We encourage Freia to develop a company code of conduct.

Commitment to CSR:

Freia has committed to the template CSR declaration, including commitment to all CSR principles and to progress on material issues. We encourage Freia to work on a company specific declaration.


CSR responsibilities are assigned at several management layers of the organization.

Value Chain:

The Freia value chain is accessible and complete. We encourage Freia to collect additional supply chain data (upstream) for product related suppliers.