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CSR Report Gooiconsult Groep

The company performance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is displayed in this report. Please find details on CSR achievements, and specific FIRA comments as appropriate. The last section in the report shows a summary of FIRA comments and state of CSR for the company. We refer to the CSR Scorecard for an overview of CSR activities.
The claims in this report have been verified (see verification type for level of assurance). Based on the work undertaken we concluded that the claims in this report are reliable. Please refer to the formal 'Assurance statement' for an explanation of assurance methodology used.
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FIRA Comment FIRA Comment Summary
Balance & Completeness: Management approach has been formulated for some issues. We encourage Gooiconsult Groep to formulate ambitions and clear objectives for all relevant CSR issues. Practices are focused on mobility, embedding CSR in training, community and social investment. We encourage Gooiconsult Groep to disclose practices on privacy protection, on people related topics such as development and employability of personnel, and the way in which its services are designed to contribute to creating the workforce of the future.
Code of Conduct: A company code of conduct is in place.
Commitment to CSR: A company specific CSR declaration is in place, including commitment to all CSR principles and to progress on material issues.
Governance: CSR responsibilities are assigned in several layers of the organization.
Value Chain: The Gooiconsult Groep value chain is accessible and complete. Based on company size and (non) complexity further detailing the supply chain should not be necessary unless specific issues are identified.

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This report was generated on March-20-2019.