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Axiomatics AB

Formal name
Axiomatics AB
CoC Number
J62 - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Moderate assurance
Publication date
Nov 16, 2020


About Axiomatics AB

Axiomatics provides externalized dynamic authorization through attribute and policy-based access control for databases, applications and APIs. Our solutions are ideal for enterprises and government agencies that must securely share information (often across country borders) while complying with complex and ever-evolving regulations. Axiomatics is a leader in dynamic access control through its suite of industry leading products – the Axiomatics Policy Server, the Axiomatics Data Access Filter, and SmartGuard for Big Data™.
At the core of our technology lies the Externalized Access Control Mark-up Language (XACML) – we are editors for the standard and actively contribute to the development and promotion of it. We’ve brought together some of the brightest minds in this field to lead our Research & Development teams and ensure our solutions remain at the forefront of dynamic authorization. Axiomatics holds 50 patents and counting.


Our vision is to help large enterprises and government agencies make the shift to a new paradigm in data access control, with the implementation of a policy-based approach. Using a state-of-the art approach, we strive to help these large organizations protect what’s most important to them.

Our goal is to help our customers move with the pace of the changing business and regulatory climate, reduce time and cost in IT development, and speed time to market.


Axiomatics is leading the future of access control. Our mission is to simplify adoption of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and to broaden the scope of use cases where a policy-based access control approach delivers significant business value. We help businesses and government agencies around the world with data that is highly regulated, confidential in the form of intellectual property (IP) or relating to individuals’ privacy to ensure that the data is securely shared only under the right conditions.

Core Values

As a company we aim to be innovative, flexible, market-oriented and open-minded. We perceive our work environment as familiar with a pioneering atmosphere.

View on CSR

We hold the view that it is not acceptable to focus solely on economic growth in isolation of the impact of corporate actions on the society as a whole. Axiomatics aims to embrace sustainability and the wider notion of social responsibility both in its day-to-day operation and in its institutional dealing with its employees, customers, partners, and providers.

CSR Statement

Company Details

Scope for this report
Development and (world-wide) sales of authorization software by Axiomatics AB, based in Sweden (chamber of commerce 556708-1012), including subsidiaries Axiomatics Inc. and Axiomatics Federal Inc. in the USA.
Total FTE in scope
Annual Turnover
Company Ownership
Axiomatics AB is owned by its founders and venture capital firms. Employees and contractors also have an ownership in the company. Axiomatics AB has a fully owned subsidiary in the U.S., Axiomatics Inc., who has a fully owned subsidiary in the U.S., Axiomatics Federal Inc.

Company Contact

Maria Littmarck
+46 700581008
Company Website
CSR Website
Info email

Visitor Address

Gamla Brogatan 23B
111 20 Stockholm

CSR Program

Management Approach

Core Subject Labour Practices

Health & Safety at Work


Employee health, safety and vitality are important to Axiomatics. We provide several opportunities for employees to work on their health and stimulate participation.


Long term absence
Our goal is to have no long term absence due to work related sickness.
Use of health care allowance
Our goal is that at least 100% of our employees uses their health care allowance during the year.

Management Review

We are reaching our goal with no work-related long-term sickness during 2020 and 30% of the employees has used their health care allowance. The low rate is related to the Pandemic which constrains people to work out in gyms for example.

Priority for improvement
No, We feel confident that we can provide health, safety and vitality for our employees with our policies and with the Safety representative and the Work Environment group.

Core Subject Environment

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Axiomatics aims to generate as little carbon emissions as possible and compensate through carbon offsetting.


CO2 compensation
Axiomatics goal is to purchase carbon offsetting for each employee by the end of each year.(Calculated 5 metric ton CO2 per employee)
Travel below 5% of revenue
Axiomatics goal is to keep the travel costs below 5% of total revenue.
Green Energy
The ambition for Axiomatics is to keep the energy use below 2,5 metric tons of CO2 yearly, and using green and renewable energy.

Management Review

We are satisfied with this, as we are reaching our goals of carbon offsetting compensation, travel cost is below 5% of total revenue and we are using the same vendor that provides renewable energy, and our consumption is below 2,5 metric ton 2019.

Priority for improvement

Energy Efficiency Software


Axiomatics ambition is to assess and be innovating when updating the software so that its always energy efficient. So far in 2020 this is achieved.

Core Subject Fair Practices

Sustainable Procurement


Axiomatics aims to use suppliers that have CSR practices.


Axiomatics only buys hardware from Dustin who not only does responsible recycles but also reuses hardware.

Management Review

Axiomatics is satisfied with the achievements as we have the same suppliers as last year.

Priority for improvement

Core Subject Consumer Issues

Privacy Protection


Axiomatics core business is to provide products for dynamic access control to protect private information. Axiomatics shall provide products that can increase privacy protection, for example with the healthcare industry to make sure that data is only accessible to the relevant persons.

Management Review

Axiomatics is satisfied with the achievements as illustrated by our successful completion of the penetration tests in 2019.

Priority for improvement


Axiomatics Work Environment Manual

The purpose of the Work Environment Manual is twofold: First, to describe the ongoing work that is being done to maintain a good work environment. Second, to provide information about the kinds of issues and problems that may arise in the workplace and the company’s policy and responsibilities for these, as well as to give some basic suggestions as to what actions are needed to correct and/or remedy these issues.

Code of conduct

This code is intended to increase awareness of management and employees on fair business practices. This is done by documenting what is being considered as appropriate and inappropriate behavior.
This code applies to every employee, director or officer in our company. Contract staff working for our company must also follow the code. Contractors and consultants who are agents of, or working on behalf of, or in the name of our company, are required to act consistently with the code when acting on our behalf.

Code of conduct Suppliers

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers sets out basic requirements on human rights, labor, environment and business integrity. The code is based on the UN Global Compact. Axiomatics expects its suppliers to uphold and comply with the principles as described in this Code of Conduct for Suppliers or at least apply an equivalent standard and conduct their business activities accordingly.

Axiomatics can monitor compliance of suppliers towards the requirements in this Supplier Code of Conduct by requesting its suppliers to provide relevant information and to conduct audits and assessments of the supplier’s operations.

Employee Handbook

The Axiomatics Employee Handbook contains all policies and information regarding benefits for all employees.


Carbon offsetting

Axiomatics takes responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions by carbon offsetting. Axiomatics goal is to purchase carbon offsetting of 5 metric ton CO2 for each employee by the end of every year. This is the average emission of an employee in Sweden, as calculated by Klimatkompensera/Tricorona Climate Partner AB.

During 2019, Axiomatics purchased the services provided by United Nations where the money goes directly to climate projects in developing countries and contributes to sustainable development.

With these actions, Axiomatics is achieving the goal to compensate for unavoidable carbon emission.

During 2018 and 2019 Axiomatics has compensated for 195 metric ton CO2 and invested in the following projects:

2019 in a project called 6 MW Renewable energy generation project by Varam Power Projects, in Andhra Pradesh, India.

2018 a project for a Solar Thermal Power Plant in Rajasthan, India.

Also, during 2019 we have adjusted our Travel Policy to reflect our CSR policy, for example promoting the use of trains as transportation to customer meetings etc.

Ethical Conduct

Axiomatics promotes a positive and ethical working atmosphere.
- Work environment group in place
- A policy/Code of conduct is available
- Survey each year where part of the questions are focused on ethical behavior and equality. During 2020 this survey hasn't been conducted. Almost all personnel has been working from home with little physical interaction.
- The goal is to have a high score on the survey, but if there are lower scores on any of the questions concerning the ethical conduct we have workshops, discussions and create improvement plans.

An ombudsman is appointed to go to for sensitive incidents.

- 2019 we have raised awareness by publishing parts of the Code of Conduct in a public place in the office.
- 2019 some of the questions from the survey got a lower score, so we held a workshop around these topics, where we opened up for discussion and what we need to improve.
- Management has gone out to all the staff with the information on how important this is to Axiomatics and also provided information on where to reach out if needed.

Green and renewable energy

Axiomatics keeps it's servers at a data center owned by Bahnhof. All Bahnhofs data centers are world-leading when it comes to environmentally-friendly energy consumption and renewable energy. Bahnhof exclusively buys green electricity from hydropower.

The ambition for Axiomatics is to keep the energy consumption below 2,5 metric tons of CO2 yearly, and using green and renewable energy. With the use of this vendor for our servers we are in compliance with our ambition.

Minimize carbon footprint for travel

Axiomatics customers and employees are located in many different countries. To reduce the carbon footprint for travels Axiomatics aim to have as many meetings as possible over the web, using different web conference system and has purchased video conference equipment for the Stockholm offices during 2019, also for the Chicago office there is a video conference system available. Axiomatics has chosen its location of offices to facilitate commuting with public transportation. Both offices have a locked bike cage available to encourage commuting by bicycle.

With these measures, Axiomatics aims to generate as little carbon emissions related to travel as possible. The goal is to keep the travel costs below 5%, a goal that has been reached for the period 2015-2020.

During 2020 travel cost has been reduced. Business is increasing and we are well on our way to meet our goals.

Privacy protection

For Axiomatics to be able to provide products that can increase privacy protection we also need to make sure our systems are safe from external breaches. Our goal for 2019 has been to have an independent vendor perform a manual network penetration tests on Axiomatic’s development environment and office network. This is a yearly test that has not yet been performed in 2020.

In September 2019 the penetration tests have been completed by Outpost24 and we have achieved our goal. We have received a certification.

Our business benefits from having this proof that our products and development environment are secured.

Reviewing energy use of software

When updating the software we also go through making the software as much energy efficient as possible. For example, we make sure that the system does not use energy when it is not used.

Energy is the most used of all and we as a company can only choose where we get our energy from and make our software as energy efficient as possible.

Even if we are a small company, by using CSR we hope that it will send the message that we take responsibility for all our endeavors, big and small.

Social Responsible Procurement

Axiomatics aims to use suppliers that have CSR practices. The datacenter used by Axiomatics uses "green energy" and the hardware supplier has a thorough CSR program, including prevention of procurement of products with conflict minerals. Axiomatics has selected a facility management vendor (who takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the office) that has a policy to prevent and reduce environmental impact. When furnishing offices, Axiomatics reuses its furniture as much as possible and additional furniture is often purchased from providers with reused furniture.

Even though the procurement activities of Axiomatics are limited, we aim to work with social responsible suppliers to limit our impact and contribute to a more circular economy.

Stimulation of health

To stimulate and maintain the health of our employees, Axiomatics provides the employee's health insurance, annual healthcare allowance, healthcare check-ups and computer glasses. Axiomatics also encourage joint team activities such as running races. Due to the pandemic we have joined WE+ which is a teambuilding app with exercise as a goal. We challenge each other as teams, across borders. An extra benefit is that we contribute to charity for each session of training. Organic fruit is offered in the Stockholm office. A safety representative is assigned to the Stockholm office who is involved in actions that concern the relationships in the work environment. There is also a Work Environmental Group, that consists of the CEO, the office manager, and the safety representative. The group meets four times per year and a review of the work environment (incl. the psychosocial environment) is performed twice a year.

With these activities, Axiomatics aims to contribute to the health, vitality, and safety of its employees. During 2020 Axiomatics has not had any long-term sickness.